Operandi.Law advised several historical investors, including Angelsquare, in the context of their reinvestment in Hey Pongo’s €5M fundraising with Evolem, Techmind, Altavia Adventures, Frst and Angelsquare.

Launched in 2017 by Ludwig Jamet and Nicolas Samir, joined by Nora Barault, Hey Pongo deploys a tool enabling retailers to build loyalty and simplify their marketing actions. In concrete terms, the startup collects and qualifies customer data, whether off-line, on-line or omnichannel, by using consumers’ telephone numbers.

Hey Pongo, which was aimed at restaurant owners before attacking the market of independent retailers, and then large retailers, now aims to accelerate its development, particularly by addressing its solution internationally, starting with European countries.

The team was composed of Alban Vaqué d’Anla, partner, and Jules Michelet, associate.