CEOs & leadership teams

Design and deliver the key steps of your strategic journey

Elaborate and execute your strategic ambition

We help you achieve your goals by designing and implementing your strategic plans.

Deliver transformative deals end-to-end

We act as trusted advisors, at all stages of your transformative deals (M&A, LBOs, fundraisings, and reorganizations), including delivery of post-deal integration synergies. We also support you to structure and strengthen your management teams and governance throughout these milestones.

Activate strategic enablers & professionalize corporate functions

We assist you to structure and deploy key transversal business initiatives (transformation office, Project Management Office), drive top-line levers and operational improvement programs, & take major corporate and legal functions to the next level (finance, M&A, in-house counsel, data and IT, ESG).

Private equity funds, VCs, Family offices

Partnering with investors throughout the investment lifecycle

Deploy capital efficiently

We help you identify and evaluate where to invest time, resources and deploy capital. We assess investment targets’ business assumptions, growth potential and risks with commercial and strategic due diligence and ad-hoc operational experience and/or sector/functional/market expertise. We also provide end-to-end legal and tax support for transactions.

Drive portfolio potential & execute Value Creation Plan

We support your investment and operating teams to design, launch, and execute their Value Creation Plan (VCP) by maximizing a portfolio company’s buy-in and business potential (buy & build strategies, carve-outs & delivering top and bottom-line levers for corporates)
We deliver your CEO and management team hires who have proven track records and set high-expectations and pace that are fully-aligned with your investment thesis and VCP.

Strengthen and support your investment and operating teams

Build-up & reinforce your deal and operating teams to custom-fit your fund thesis and portfolio’s needs. Both evolving models of operating partners & external value creation talents are critical to executing VCPs. We support you to strike the right balance between generalists and functional specialists to maximize portfolio potential. These talents deliver sustained performance and a long-lasting advantage throughout your fund lifecycle.